A Successful Project

At Terra Software helping our clients understand, use and develop their information technologies so that they can achieve their business goals is what we do, and we do it very well.  We turn the elusive IT promise into a positive reality with simpler, easier processes that actually work, with a positive gain on the bottom line and quality of the digital worklife for the end user.

An improved digital work-life or workflow is accomplished by establishing a clear and intelligent road map (Scope of Work). We engage in the road map process by assessing the compatibility of your goals with the abilities of your current technology and what we can offer with it or in its place. The resulting road map will give us the necessary information to ensure a successful project, thus improving workflow automation and making the digital work-life of the end user more efficient.

We focus on an improved digital work-life by providing innovative, dynamic and expandable solution that will provide your employees and or contractors with a intuitive user friendly solution or app. This focus insures the software is well received, expandable and evolving with technological advancements for years to come. 

One of our Project Consultant(s) and developers will help assess your needs and guide you through the steps needed to fulfill your vision, thus we engage in the technology partner principle.

The Importance of Good Planning
Developing custom software or app shouldn't be a daunting and overwhelming task for you and your organization. When properly assisted by a team who has the skill set and knowledge to make it succeed, the project is an exciting process and opens up the innovation mindset bringing better returns on investment.

Step 1:

In any FileMaker Pro project or general project is to save our clients money by properly defining what is called the "scope of work" or requirements. Defining the scope of work will eliminate wasted hours of development and consulting time by focusing the development team on building the appropriate tool(s) and adhearing to a set budget.

Step 2:

Take the scope of work and draft the workflow and data models for the project. Once this is in place, a succesful project occurs and the desired results can be attained.

Screen Shot 2012-06-08 at 11.27.19 AM

  Screen Shot of a real workflow model, serving as  an example of necessary planning to achive your goals

Step 3:

Utilizing the approved development plan and budget, the developer team begins the development cycle. Through good project management and client interaction during the development cycle the result will be a very solid and highly usable tool.

Step 4:

Ensure your team has fully tested and become fully trained on the new solution so that your Go live date is smooth and effective !

Ongoing Engagement:

Our business relationship is important and this means we maintain the software and engage you with innovative ideas as your business evolves and as technology evolves.

Take the next step - get us involved in making your technology goals a reality!

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