What We Offer

We welcome the opportunity to be of service to your organization with the following:

Terra Software offers FileMaker Development, Hosting, Consulting, Support, Training and all things FileMaker - Canada, USA and Globally.

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Break Down of Services:

• Consulting Services on how to improve your existing solution.

• Custom build a database to your specific & unique needs.

• Database Analysis for errors, structural problems, Security issues and dead remote file connections.

• Design mobile applications (iPhone, iPad, Web and IWP) as stand alone or integrated with your entire organization.

• Development templates - faster, more stable, highly modifiable and far more cost effective.

• FileMaker Pro - Advanced Reporting Architecture

• FileMaker Pro - Audit Trail & Recovery technology

• FileMaker Pro - Barcode & Scanner

• FileMaker Pro - GoZync Integration

• FileMaker Pro - Zulu Integration

• FileMaker Pro - SeedCode templates integration

• FileMaker Pro - Quick Books Integration

• FileMaker Pro - MySQL integration

• FileMaker Pro - Oracle integration

• FileMaker Pro - PHP development

• FileMaker Pro Database, Web, IWP & Sync Hosting - 30 Day Free Trial FileMaker Hosting.

• FileMaker solution value assessment for accounting, insurance and other purposes.

• FileMaker Go ( FMGo ), iPhone and iPad Application Developmennt.

• FileMaker WebDirect Development and Hosting.

• Project Rescue!, have a current developer or development firm not getting the job done. We can help them or take over the project and rescue it!. 

• Remote Synchronization for offsite failover or to deal with poor mobile connectivity issues.

• Scope of Work Analysis to help determine the viability of a project.

• Support services for general help or in-house developers needing extra manpower or temporary backup while away.

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