FileMaker Hosting for Non-Profit & Charitable Organizations

Flat Fee FileMaker Hosting 12, 13 & 14 - $9.95 CAD

Month to Month & No Term Contract

FileMaker 12, 13 & 14, if you have an older version of FileMaker please call 1-866-323-8922

30 Day Free Trial - NO SETUP CHARGE

Select the number of databases you need to host.
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By subscribing, you are agreeing to the TSC Acceptable Use Policy Please review it prior to any order.

Turn Around Time to Setup your Account.

  • Processing the hosting subscription can take up to 24 hours. This is due to setting up the credentials, hosting folder and additional settings including the backups. Following this we test everything and make sure that the information we provide is correct and active for your account.

What you get

  • Unlimited users - NO RESTRICTION
    • Connect using FileMaker Pro 12, 13 or 14 FMGo, FileMaker WebDirect®, FileMaker® as a datasource for your website.
  • Database Allotment Selected Above
    • Additional database files can be added for $4.95 + GST per month
    • GST is only applicable to Canadian clients.
  • Unlimited Storage 
    • * If your hosted database file(s) exceed 1 GB in size we may need to arrange special conditions. Backup storage is not limited to 1 GB, we retain up to 90 days of backups for you. If your hosted database(s) do exceed 1GB in size we may need to arrange a nominal backup storage fee or reduce the number of daily backups retained.
  • Backups
    • Daily backups for each day retained for 90 days
    • 15 Minute Backups retained for 4 hours.
    • Backups and production files stored on redundant Raid Drive Arrays & offsite Cloud backups owned & controlled by Terra Software (not a third-party vendor).
  • Server Administration
    • Admin Console - You are assigned Group administration access to your files and users.
      • FileMaker Server® 13 & 14 Administration requires a current web browser
      • You are assigned Group administration access to your files and users
      • Uploading your database(s) to the server requires FileMaker Pro 13 or 14
      • Start and stop your database(s) at any time
    • Server side script scheduling
    • Server side plugin use
    • Database File Encryption allowed and suggested 
    • Auto Update FileMaker plug-ins from the Server 
      • (Requires Auto-update coding in your solution).
    • 24/7  FTP & WebFTP Access to your backups.
  • Data Centre
    • 24/7 Guarded Data Centre with strict & secure access to authorized personnel.
    • Unlimited monthly bandwidth traffic.
    • Data Centre located in Calgary, Alberta Canada.
    • Geological safe zone, data centre is not located in a traditional disaster zone
    • Geopolitical safe zone - Canada is one of the safest countries in the world and the rule of law is 100% respected. Your intellectual property is protected and respected.
    • High Speed data centre connectivity with redundent Internet Pipes.

Additional Services Available 

  • Database Design Reports, analysis of your solution identifying problems, left over objects and potential problems and improvements.
  • GoZync® for FMGo and FileMaker Pro syncing available
  • FileMaker® Support
  • FileMaker® Consulting
  • FileMaker® Development
  • Zulu - Calendar sync with iCal or Google calendar

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