Update 08:35 MST - Data Centre Issue 8/12/2014 06:00 MST


We have just been advised by the Data Centre that the source of the issue is related to Shaw Cable Systems having a major upstream issue across Canada. This issue is affecting services and data centres across Canada and parts of the Northern United States. At this time we do not have an ETR but Shaw Cable is working to resolve the issue at there end. Anyone that does have access is going through the other pipe via Verizon.

Why two internet pipes ?

The idea is that based on geographical location and bandwidth load becoming high your service provider would automatically find an alternative and faster route to the servers. This works very well but when a national network has major issues it causes the secondary pipe to become overwhelmed, thus this morning we have this scenario occurring in Canada.

Example: Personally I am working from a location outside the data centre that uses Shaw Cable and cannot connect, however with my cell phone using Rogers I am able to connect to the data centre.

Thank-you for your patience and we will keep you posted.

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