Data Centre Issue 8/12/2014 06:00 MST

Our data centre provider has experienced a major issue with the dual internet backbone pipes. They have advised that something has gone wrong with one of the pipes and has caused a connectivity shutdown for the section of the grid that the data centre sits on. The support team is dealing with the issue, Version and Shaw Cable Systems are also involved and the estimated time of repair (ETR) is not yet known. At 7:35 AM MST I was advised that Verizon and Shaw Cable Systems are working with the Data Centre to resolve the connectivity problem. Some clients may still have connection while others do not. It is possible that if one of the primary internet pipes may need to be shutdown to bring services back online, if this happens you may temporarily lose connection if you are able to connect to your database at this time.

The shutdown of Verizon or the Shaw Cable Systems "Big Pipe" connection into the data centre would be temporary while the core issue is repaired. This action could possibly mean a temporary slow down in speed experience for some users.

As soon as we have been advised of the temporary fix you will receive an update. In addition you will receive further updates with any additional changes or notice of final repair.

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